What Should I Bring To Chemo

What Should I Bring to Chemo?

I hear from many women who are about to start their chemotherapy. A question that I often get asked is, "What should I bring with me to chemo?" My answer- a great tote filled with your chemo essentials. Essentials are what help make the experience most comfortable for you. We polled the women of our Cancer Be Glammed community for their suggestions. Here are their top tips.

A small wallet or purse for your ID, insurance cards, cell phone and keys. A soft blanket or throw, a travel pillow, a little notebook for notes or questions, some sucking candy to combat dry mouth or nausea, and a water bottle.

Be sure to include your favorite time passer (for example, an iPod loaded with soothing music, an E-reader, and/or an electronic tablet.) Many women liked to tuck a personal item into their bag like a family photo or small stuffed animal.

For me, I found it cut down on some of my pre-treatment stress to keep the items I didn’t need daily, pre-packed in a tote bag that I could pull out the morning of my treatment. Choose one that you like and want to carry. (Don’t settle for one that is a step up from a plastic bag.) Totes are like purses, express your style!

Add a little pizzazz to the treatment room. Go sporty, colorful and patterned (think Vera Bradley) or step out in fashion and style.

For additional tote options and "goodies" for your chemo bag, check out our selections of Chemo Totes and Provisions.

And when treatment is over, give your tote a new identity — as a beach bag, yoga bag, or as one survivor happily told me, she now uses hers as diaper bag!

  1. A Wise Hill October 20, 2015 at 11:51 pm - Reply

    I think this is a great idea! I’m gonna incorporate it into what I do for them now!
    Thank you!

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