Surviving Quarantine: Up Close and Personal

  1. My first three white hairs, two white eyebrows and a new balayage hairstyle.
  2. Appreciation for new food. I am pescatarian and now eat crispy bacon!
  3. I put on 18 pounds and then lost 15 pounds.
  4. More time to laugh with my family.
  5. I have become more focused to be present in the moment.
  6. I have even more patience with my children during trying moments and take several deep breaths and pause before addressing the situation at hand.
  7. In addition to working on HNC Fund and being a full-time mom, I am now a teacher, pet groomer, hair stylist, manicurist, gardener, composter and thanks to Lisa and CBG, a contributing blogger.
  8. The time to Spring clean and teach my children the importance of giving back by donating toys and books they no longer use or need.
  9. The importance to allow everyone to have a moment to simply be.
  10. If you are battling cancer or caring for someone who is ill, remember to make time to celebrate how extraordinary you are! You are enduring two tumultuous situations simultaneously. Do something special for yourself daily. For everyone else celebrate the day and know this too shall pass.

Keep the spark of romance during quarantine:

  1. Communicate openly, as well as forgive and let go!
  2. Intimacy is key! Enjoy reconnecting romantically with your significant other. If you are battling cancer and / or caregiver simply sitting together holding hands, massaging cancer patient feet and kissing more are key!
  3. No one is perfect. Rather than focus on imperfections, shift the emphasis on what and why you love the person instead.
  4. If you are single, it is an idyllic time to try dating online! Connect with new people and plan an in-person date when this passes.
  5. Gratitude. Acknowledge kind gestures and be sure to express appreciation.
  6. Humor. My husband and children make me laugh all the time. Be sure to laugh together!
  7. Change up your normal routine!
  8. Try something new together.
  9. Enjoy time separately at home.
  10. Begin planning a dream holiday together! Whether it is to the beach in town with friends and family or an adventure abroad get planning!