Body Rolls and Muffin Tops: Cancer Weight Gain

For some types of cancer, surgery and treatment can cause weight gain. Certain chemotherapy drugs, surgically-induced menopause, and hormone therapy are a few of the reasons that scale needle starts trending upward.

During my treatment for breast cancer, I gained fifteen pounds from chemotherapy. A few more, after I had my ovaries removed and I was thrown into pre-mature menopause.

According to my teenage daughters, I now sported a “muffin top.” For those unfamiliar with this slang term, the Urban Dictionary defines it as, “The area directly over your waistline, where the fat spills over your pants creating what resembles the top of a muffin.” Yikes!

Weight gain from surgery and treatment is frustrating and demoralizing. Determined not to hide behind baggy clothes, which only made me feel worse, I decided to find out how I could downplay my weight gain and still dress well. My solution, shapewear.

The right fitting shapewear can smooth, streamline, lift, flatten, and control. The most important feature is that it fits right. If possible, go to a store and get professional help. At the very least, try on different sizes and styles. Walk around and sit down to make sure that you can move comfortably, and that your shapewear stays in place!

Here is some information outlining the basic style options among the wide variety available. Having a little shapewear knowledge ahead of time is a recipe for shopping success.

  • Shapewear is typically made from nylon and spandex. Lighter construction will smooth lines. Garments heavily constructed with more nylon and compression, are designed to transform your shape.
  • Minimizer Bras: Make the bust appear smaller by reducing breast projection.
  • Camisoles: Smooth your upper body and flatten your stomach. Ideal for muffin tops and bra bulge. Designed to be worn under clothes or as outerwear to be seen.
  • Control Briefs: Provide light or firm support to the stomach, hips, and rear.
  • Thigh Slimmers: Slims and shapes the rear and thigh.
  • Hi Waisted Panties or Briefs: Provides a smooth line at your waist and hips that continues all the way up your torso.
  • Slips: Eliminate panty lines and bulges under dresses or skirts. Available in full or half slips.
  • Pantyhose or Tights: Come in a variety of options for slimming the thigh, hips, waist, rear, or whole leg.
  • Bodysuit: Creates head-to-toe streamlined shape for overall coverage.

Now, I know that shapewear is not a substitute for diet and exercise. Like many women coping with weight gain from treatment, I also know that this type of weight loss is often not a straight road. It’s one filled with lumps and bumps. (Literally!) Nice to know I’ve got a solution for that.

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