Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Takes to the Runway Thanks to #AnaOno and #Cancerland

At New York Fashion Week 2019, #Cancerland and AnaOno joined forces once again to expose the faces of breast cancer, specifically Metastatic Stage IV Breast Cancer Patients, while supporting METAvivor Research and Support Inc. #NotJustOne, sponsored by @Eisai, was a show that shined the light on more than dying from metastatic disease, but living with Stage IV incurable breast cancer and THRIVING! 24 patient models were due to walk the runway, one didn’t make it because her progression did not allow a release from the hospital, not even for a few hours to participate in the show.

Metastatic breast cancer is vastly underfunded by organizations claiming to raise money for a “cure”, it is argued that somewhere between 5-7% of the billions of dollars raised annually will got to researching metastatic breast cancer, the only breast cancer that kills. Metastatic breast cancer is determined once the cancer has infiltrated other organs or parts of the body beyond the breast. Stage IV Breast Cancer has no cure, it is terminal and life-threatening.

Listen to the stories of these brave patients and their view on breast cancer, living with a terminal Stage IV diagnosis, and how YOU can help make a difference.
A special thank you out to all the models who so bravely put their bodies, their lives, and their disease out there for the world to see.

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