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Valentine’s Day Romance During Cancer Recovery

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of a romantic night filled with dinner for two, drinks, and special gifts. When I was recovering from chemotherapy my idea of a romantic night was putting on my favorite pajamas and sleep cap, snuggling in bed with my husband Brian and if I was feeling particularly loving, letting him have the remote and some of my chocolate pudding. (Loved that pudding!)

Thankfully Brian didn’t always let my chemo fatigue or other cancer related side effects get in Cupid’s way. On holidays, special occasions, or just out of the blue, he would kick things up a notch. He would turn a mundane evening into a romantic night complete with (you guessed it) dinner for two, drinks and special gifts.

Here are some of Brian’s suggestions for romancing the special woman in your life this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to steal these tips or better yet come up with your very own.

Dinner for Two:

Prepare a simple meal that takes into consideration your Valentine’s food preferences. (Chemotherapy can affect taste buds, swallowing, and digestion.) Presentation and atmosphere is all important. Whether dining in bed or at a table, think flowers, candles, soft music…romance.

Drinks: Non-alcoholic of course Create your own mock-tail

The Lisa-Tini: This is an original recipe (Warning: Not suited for all tastes)

1 part cranberry juice mixed with 2 parts flat ginger ale poured over crushed ice with a dash of fresh lime Served in a cocktail glass


Put some thought into gifts she will use and really like. One of Lisa’s favorites was an Apple iPod Shuffle I loaded with music for her to listen to during chemo or at the doctor’s office. Other gifts that made her happy … a journal, a cozy throw blanket for her chemo nap, and a Nook Tablet downloaded with books from her favorite authors.

But Lisa would tell you and I agree, the best gift is having time together, letting romance in and shutting cancer out.

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