You Are Not Alone

Countless people and organizations enhance the lives of women coping with cancer and their families’ by providing important resources and services.

We hope that you will reach out to them for support. We thank them for “giving a glam,” about us and working to educate, connect, and positively impact our lives.

All Cancers

American Cancer Society
What Next
Cancer Care
Cancer 101
Livestrong Foundation
Cancer Support Community
Cancer Plus Careers
Crazy Sexy Cancer Logo
Stupid Cancer

Bladder Cancer

American Bladder Cancer Society
Urology Care Foundation Logo
United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc

Blood Cancers

Leukemia Research Foundation
Cutaneious Lymphoma Foundation
Lymphoma Research Foundation Logo
International Myeloma Foundation
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
National Bone-Marrow Transplant Link
The Bone Marrow Foundation
Be the Match

Brain Cancer

American Brain Tumor Association
National Brain Tumor Society
Cern Foundation

Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
National Breast Cancer Foundations Inc
Susan G. Komen
Young Survival Coalition
Young Womens Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation
National Breast Cancer Coalition

Colorectal Cancer

Fight Clorectal Cancer
Colon Cancer Alliance
Susan-Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation

Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer Awareness Foundation
Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation
Esophageal Cancer Action Network

Gynecologic Cancer

Foundation for Womens-Cancer
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Hyster Sisters
Cancer Schmancer Movement

Kidney Cancer

National Kidney Foundation
Kidney Cancer Association
American Kidney Fund
American Urological Association

Liver Cancer

American Liver Foundation
Global Liver Institue

Lung Cancer

American Lung Association
Lung Cancer Alliance
Free to Breathe
Lung Cancer Research Foundation


National Lymphedema Network
Lymphatic-Education and Research Network


Melanoma International Foundation
Melanoma Research Foundation
Skin Cancer Foundation
Ocular Melanoma Foundation


Melothelioma Help Now
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Oral, Head & Neck Cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation
Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer
American Head and Neck Society

Pancreatic Cancer

The National Pancreas Foundation Center
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Thyroid Cancer

American Thyroid Association