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What Should I Bring To Chemo

What Should I Bring to Chemo?

I hear from many women who are about to start their chemotherapy. A question that I often get asked is, "What should I bring with me to chemo?" My answer- a great tote filled with your chemo essentials. Essentials are what help make the experience most comfortable for you. We polled the women of our... Read More »
Raising Eyebrows

Raising Eyebrows?

Help! I have trouble drawing on my eyebrows. Any suggestions? Shannon wrote us to discuss her eyebrows. Like many women who loose their eyebrows from chemotherapy, she is unhappy with the way she looks when she draws them back on. Shannon — take heart! You are not alone. I gave Groucho Marx a run for... Read More »
Sleepmaster Sleep Mask

Sleep Enhancers

Research shows that women with cancer are more restless at night and the body’s basic circadian rhythms that control our sleepiness and wakefulness aren’t different enough, meaning you can often feel a little asleep and a little awake. Here are some techniques that may help battle this inner confusion. Warm Bath – A warm bath... Read More »