Cancer & Covid-19

On March 17th, my twenty-year old daughter Gillian tested positive for the Coronavirus. We immediately quarantined her in our home. My husband Brian and I went into isolation as we struggled with the urgent problem of how to care for Gillian while continuing to keep ourselves well. We were up-to-date regarding the spread of the... Read More »

In early March, my husband Brian and I took care of our daughter Gillian (age 20) who had the Coronavirus. To protect our own health, we developed a set of procedures to manage her illness while keeping us well. I shared our advice in a blog, “Lessons Learned: Caring for a Family Member with Coronavirus.” Since… Read More »

1. Limit yourself to one hour of news in the morning and one hour in the evening. The mindless repetition promulgated by the national news media only creates unnecessary anxiety and potential depression. Tune out the commentary and focus solely on the facts from reputable medical professionals and scientists. If you are battling cancer and/or... Read More »

My first three white hairs, two white eyebrows and a new balayage hairstyle. Appreciation for new food. I am pescatarian and now eat crispy bacon! I put on 18 pounds and then lost 15 pounds. More time to laugh with my family. I have become more focused to be present in the moment. I have... Read More »