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    Bagallini bags make order beautiful. Multiple styles include totes, crossbody, messenger bags, and accessories that are lightweight and washable.

    RonWear Port-able clothing is ideal for chemotherapy, infusions, or dialysis. RonWear jackets and pants have hidden zippers for easy port access and provide comfort, style, and flexibility.

    Unique, handmade artisan jewelry and fabulous accessories including belts, stitched hats, fun socks, wraps, fashion scarves and footwear!

    Queasy Pops are drug free lollipops made from natural ingredients to soothe nausea. Available in a variety pack with flavors like peppermint and sour lemon and another package with ginger pops.

    Brighten up the chemo room with Vera Bradley totes, bags, and accessories. Available in multiple styles and patterns for every occasion, there’s even a glam lunch bag to keep your chemo treats cool.

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