Comfort Deluxe Bundle – CBG Exclusive!


We know that it’s often the little things that have a big impact on recovery. This CBG exclusive features a cooling neck wrap to lower core body temperature and a Thermal Comfort Pillow. The pocketed pillow holds a gel pack for warm or cold relief. Ideal for post-op recovery, menopause, migraines and more.  This exclusive bundle includes four thermal packs for always-ready relief!

Items are available for domestic purchase only
  • Pillow size 12” x 17”
  • Pillow provides targeted thermal relief
  • Pillow holds custom thermal pack that can be warmed or frozen
  • This Bundle comes with four custom ice-packs — an exclusive offer only for CBG shoppers
  • Pillow is soft and machine washable
  • Cooling neck wrap cools core body temperature
  • Soak wrap in ice water to provide 3-5 hours of relief