Ultimate Surgery Bundle


After surgery, we know it’s important to have everything close at hand. This Bundle features nine thoughtful products we consider essential including: all-in-one recovery robe and bra (detachable) that holds hot/cold packs or breast forms (two included), thermal comfort pillow, shower belt for drains, cooling neck wrap, and Healing Comfortably guide. The Brobe does everything but serve you breakfast in bed!

Items are available for domestic purchase only
  • Multi-functional Recovery Robe & Bra Set. The soft, durable robe has four interior pockets to manage drains. The detachable front-closing bra has pockets for breast forms or thermal packs. Custom hot/cold packs included
  • Thermal Comfort Contour Pillow holds hot/cold packs for targeted thermal therapy relief and is machine washable. Two custom thermal packs included
  • Shower Belt is used in the shower or under clothing and manages up to four drains. Pockets are made of water resistant/quick-dry fabric
  • Cooling Neck Wrap incorporates tiny beads that cool core body temperature for 3-4 hours of relief. (Non-toxic and reusable)
  • Guide Book Healing Comfortably: A Comprehensive Guide to Surgical Recovery for Patients & Caregivers