Ready For Recovery Cancer Treatment Planner Set


We know that a cancer diagnosis can throw even the most organized person into a tailspin! This Cancer Treatment Planner provides you or your caregiver with a roadmap of what to expect, organizes and keeps all important information in one place and provides recovery tips from diagnosis through survivorship. The two-piece set includes a cancer treatment planner and a matching spiral journal for personal reflections. Ideal for all types of cancer, it’s a lifesaver!

Items are available for domestic purchase only

The cancer treatment planner is for all types of cancer and tracks everything, from diagnosis, pathology, blood work and treatment protocols to appointments & questions. The Planner includes:

  • a full year of calendar pages
  • specific sections for each type of cancer treatment
  • questions to ask your doctors
  • cancer terminology
  • medication, chemo & radiation logs
  • charts to manage & track treatment side effects
  • helpful hints & inspirational thoughts
  • a place for questions, notes & information
  • CD pocket & receipt pouch

The Cancer Treatment Journal is a personal journal for expression and creativity.