Recovery Shopping Guide & Checklist

“What The Doctor Didn’t Order”

“From the minute most women hear the doctor say the word Cancer, they are thrown into a spin-cycle of urgent medical appointments, treatment decisions, and lifestyle planning to insure that work commitments will be handled and that family members will be carpooled, clothed and fed!”
— Lisa Lurie

If you are like most women, you have very little time to prepare for what you will need when you wake up from surgery, or find yourself struggling with the visible, appearance-related side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. Challenges like drain management, mastectomy or ostomy dressing issues, hair loss, skin problems, and more.

We created this Recovery Shopping Checklist, “What The Doctor Didn’t Order,” to help you prepare ahead of time for the non-medical, appearance-related side effects of surgery and treatment, and to recommend fashionable-yet practical recovery products and lifestyle solutions.

This Recovery Shopping Checklist is just that—a guide; designed to provide recovery options and helpful suggestions. Compiled with the input of many women who have walked in your shoes.

Our free Recovery Shopping Checklist “What The Doctor Didn’t Order,” is available for downloading for all registered users.

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We found that a little glam on the outside, made us feel better on the inside. We hope this will be true for you.

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