Pampering Gifts

Soothing creams to nurture chemotherapy and radiation sensitive skin. Tea for two in bed served on a beautiful tray. That’s how we do pampering at CBG and now you can too!

    Beautycounter is a leader in clean beauty. The creator of the “Never List,” Beautycounter has identified over 1,800 questionable or harmful products that are never used in their products. From moisturizers to soothing body washes, make-up, eye masks and more, Beautycounter encourages #BetterBeauty, as a way of life. (Love that!) Makes a great gift too.

    Rest comfortably with the doctor-designed BedLounge. This fully adjustable, lightweight lounger provides comfort and support in every position. Covers come in a variety of colors and fabrics, with a pocket for that all-important TV remote!

    When it comes to fashionable sun protection, Coolibar’s got you covered! Coolibar’s clothing and products have UPF 50+ sun protection built-into the fabric and block 98% of UVA and UVB rays. That’s important when protecting skin that’s ultra sun sensitive from chemotherapy or radiation. Choose from their wide selection of hats, tops, pants, fitness clothes, swimwear and more.

    Gifts of flowers and plants are not advised for women undergoing treatment with compromised immune systems. Just Don’t Send Flowers offers many thoughtful, creative, and fun alternatives. Gifts include customized tote bags filled chemotherapy and radiation-specific goodies, bed trays, tablet pillows, gift baskets, care packages and more.

    A comprehensive collection of skin care products specifically designed to alleviate the skin-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

    Tea Forte provides “the exceptional tea experience,” Tea has many healing properties. Our recommendation, try an electric teakettle. Use it bedside for hot chocolate with your kids or tea with a friend. One lump or two?

    Cozy comfort is a must for soothing rest and sleep. Cuddle Down is “devoted to your luxurious comfort and style.’’ Bedding, blankets, pillows, snuggly throws, and more, will turn your bed into your own personal cocoon. Sweet Dreams!

    CV Skinlabs’ products provide “beauty and safety without compromise.” Calming Moisture Lotion, Skin Balm, Body Repair Lotion, and more are ideal for chemo and radiation sensitive and irritated skin.

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