Nurture Your Hands & Nails

Keep your hands hold-worthy by moisturizing them often and wearing gloves to protect them from harsh weather and household work. To aid weak and brittle nails, keep them short, soak them in olive oil occasionally and use water-based nail polish and remover. (Less toxic)

    Pamper yourself with Burt’s Bees natural hand and nail products. Moisturizing hand creams and salve, and cuticle cream will keep your hands nourished, soft and smooth.

    Honey Gardens’ unique water-based nail polish is free from harsh chemical solvents and odors and doesn’t require toxic nail polish remover. Polish can be removed with rubbing alcohol or their own special remover. Comes in 25 great colors.

    SpaRitual’s natural products include an extensive collection of nail lacquers that are vegan and formulated without toxic chemicals. The Signature Collection features moisturizing and rejuvenating hand care.

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