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Fashion is the armour with which to survive the realities of everyday life. – Bill Cunningham
Fashion writer & photographer

Hospital Pajamas & Gowns

Sick of depressing, worn-out hospital gowns? Recover in a soft, stylish wrap gown or pajamas instead. Designed to wear with an IV, ports and PICC lines, they will help you look (and feel) better. Shop Now

Menopause Madness Relief

Menopause symptoms are maddening!!! These hand-picked items will help you cool down when menopause heats up. Shop Now

Your Breast Life

Beautiful reconstruction bras, chic camisoles for mastectomies and lace bra-lettes for women “living flat.” At Cancer Be Glammed, we’re all about bringing sexy back; comfort and style too! Shop Now

Beauty & Wellness

Give your body the Tender Loving Care it deserves with healing skincare products free of harmful chemicals. Self-care and clean beauty will help you (re) love the skin you’re in. Shop Now

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Gift Her

Ostomy Life & Style Collection

Looking for Ostomy clothes and lingerie that fashionably conceals and supports pouches? Look no further. Shop Now

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