Expert Fit with AnaOno

We love that AnaOno understands that every body is unique and even more so after surgery. Founded by breast cancer survivor and fashion designer, Dana Donofree, AnaOno’s lingerie empowers women to embrace (and celebrate) their bodies following lumpectomies, mastectomies, reconstruction or going flat.

At CBG we know that what it takes to turn a “a sometimes bra” into a “comfy, beloved, go-to” starts with a great fit. For that, we have partnered with the experts at AnaOno.

Here's how Expert Fit works:

Browse our collection of favorites featuring surgery-specific styles. Every bra or camisole links directly to the same item on AnaOno’s website where you can learn more about the product, have access to their professional fitters, and complete your purchases.

Don’t forget to checkout their foobs. (Yes, we said foobs!)

All images are used courtesy of AnaOno, LLC. Images are Copyright of AnaOno, LLC.