Ugly, Old Mastectomy Bras: Burn-Baby-Burn!

The bra burnings of the 1960’s were an act of rebellion by women to bring about cultural change. When I unceremoniously roasted my own mastectomy bras years ago, this was my purpose as well. While on a much smaller scale and through humor, I wanted to spark change in the cancer recovery world.

Breast cancer surgeries like lumpectomies and mastectomies create a host of body-altering side effects including scars, breast dimpling and unevenness, and loss of one or both breasts. Reconstruction brings its own unique set of  challenges.

Following my double mastectomy, I found out that breast cancer recovery requires learning a new body language, what I call mastectomy lingo (pocketed bras, breast forms, shapers, expanders, and flaps) and involves discovering how to rebuild your wardrobe and self-esteem from the inside — out.

All women deserve to recover with dignity, self-esteem, and personal style. That starts with shelving depressing, functional, medically-oriented products and providing women with access to beautiful, stylish recovery wear that helps them look and feel the way they did, pre-cancer.

Here are three Cancer Be Glammed recommendations of companies that provide practical-yet-fashionable products to help women coping with breast cancer to recover in style.

AnaOno Intimates

AnaOno is a lingerie and loungewear company specializing in post-op, mastectomy, and reconstruction bras, camisoles, and radiation wear. It is the dream child of fashion designer and breast cancer survivor Dana Donofree.  Dana’s designs empower women to be beautiful, confident, and sexy.


Amoena offers an extensive recovery collection that includes stylish post-op recovery wear, lingerie, breast forms, swimwear, and apparel like shirts, tops, and headscarfs. Amoena’s motto is, “Everyday essentials, beautifully designed to complement you.”

Nicola Jane

Located in the United Kingdom, Nicola Jane sells fashionable recovery wear including post-op bras, breast forms, mastectomy bras, swimwear, and clothing like pocketed nightwear. With shipping to the United States and Europe, women have access to international styles.

I’m happy to say that since I torched my old bras, I have put away my matches. The mastectomy bras I wear now are smok’in!  You’ll find more fashionable breast cancer products, as well as recovery lifestyle solutions from our wise community of women at