Mothers Day

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: The Sound of Music

Music is the perfect way to be transported to another world any time of the day or night.

It can soothe, calm and even inspire you when you least expect it! One of my favorite gifts when I was going through treatment was 2 mix CD’s (ok, it was some time ago) that my best friend made for me.

They became my “security blanket” at my treatments and doctor visits. Instead of focusing on the 2 hour wait at my doctor’s office or what new side effect may surprise me after my next round of chemo, I was rockin out with Bruce Springsteen!

Give your mom the gift of music on Mother’s Day by downloading her favorite songs and maybe even some of yours to her phone. She’ll be thrilled to escape from the chemo treatment room by music she loves and by knowing that she is received such a thoughtful and personal gift from you.

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