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Abdominal Surgery: Coming Home Is Swell

One of the side effects many women are unprepared for following abdominal surgery is swelling.

The degree of swelling involved often depends on the type of surgery. Be sure to ask your doctor prior to surgery what you should expect in terms of incisions, swelling, and other possible side effects.

Dress For Discharge Success:

Prior to surgery, most of us are so busy focusing on what we need to take to the hospital, that it is easy to forget what we might need to take- to leave it.

Form fitting clothes going into the hospital may not fit or feel as comfortable on the way out. In this case, that means choosing "head home" clothes that will be comfortable and that can accommodate swelling, bandages, incisions, and possibly drains.

Here are some tips:


Avoid underwear with a wide or tight elastic waistband that can cut into your abdomen. Opt for cotton underwear with a thin elastic waistband that can be worn above or below an abdominal incision. Consider buying the underwear a size larger. One woman wrote us to say that she found men’s cotton boxer shorts an excellent solution. The wider cut, particularly in the legs made them more comfortable and she could fold over the waistband under her incision.

Pants or Skirts

Avoid fitted pants or skirts with zippers, buttons or snaps. Select soft pants, sweatpants or even pajama pants with a wider cut leg and a drawstring waist. Soft, gauzy, wrap around skirts work well too.


Opt for a long button-down shirt. Buttons from the bottom can be unbuttoned to provide more room around the stomach and hips.


Wear shoes that are easy to slide into and that are secure. Preferably flat with a good rubber tread or sole to avoid slipping.

Got some "swell" suggestions you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you?

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