Heal With Style Wrap Cardigan


This lovely cardigan is one of our favorites and it’s sure to be one of yours. Styled for every step of treatment, it is ideal for limited mobility and managing drains. The silky fabric is soft on scars and radiation-sensitive skin. Discrete snap openings from collar to cuff allow nurses to access ports and PICC Lines without interrupting your nap.

Items are available for domestic purchase only
  • One-button closure provides easy access for limited mobility
  • Interior pockets hold and camouflage two drains
  • Discreet collar-to-cuff snap openings allow for easy port or PICC line access
  • Silky soft fabric and generous cut provide coverage and comfort for sensitive skin
  • Open or draped styling provides volume over the chest area
  • Made from fabric that is moisture wicking, breathable and antimicrobial
  • Fabric content: Tencel blend