The Osto Beauties

The Osto Beauties have all experienced different life altering medical conditions (cancer and ulcerative colitis), which caused us to be PERMANENTLY left with ostomy. We have to deal with medical circumstances for the rest of our life. Truth is some of them are still dealing with various issues now. We have been through rough times and still have challenges; however, we are stepping out our “comfort zone” to help others, especially ostomates.

The Osto Beauties life is journey of unexpected challenges. We never imagined struggling with low self-esteem, shame, insecurity, and severe medical complications. However, our strength, endurance, and strong well keep us together to make a difference.
Our mission is to embody the phrase “each one, reach one”. We stepped out of our “comfort zone” to influence lives through our personal stories/testimonies. We intend to bless others in the belief that they will share their story. We want others to be inspired, encouraged, and know they are more than they have become with their “bags”!

Our message is to convey miracles still happen. We know “life” happens, and therefore we will continue to show the world your circumstance does not have to dictate your future. We are helping cancer and ostomy patients, advocate for ostomy awareness, and being encouragement to one another as we follow our journey as ostomate. Our motto is, “we wear our bags well”. LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE.