Rest Easy

Fighting fatigue is exhausting! Make bed-time cozy, comfortable, and enjoyable. Here are some of our favorite things to enhance your rest and recover experience.

    From the Amazon Echo Dot to the Echo Show, let Alexa do the heavy lifting. These hands-free, voice-activated devices let you or that special someone enjoy music, news, and information, make phone calls, and control home features like lights, all from the comfort of a bed or couch!

    Rest comfortably with the doctor-designed BedLounge. This fully adjustable, lightweight lounger provides comfort and support in every position. Covers come in a variety of colors and fabrics, with a pocket for that all-important TV remote!

    Tea Forte provides “the exceptional tea experience,” Tea has many healing properties. Our recommendation, try an electric teakettle. Use it bedside for hot chocolate with your kids or tea with a friend. One lump or two?

    Cozy comfort is a must for soothing rest and sleep. Cuddle Down is “devoted to your luxurious comfort and style.’’ Bedding, blankets, pillows, snuggly throws, and more, will turn your bed into your own personal cocoon. Sweet Dreams!

    Forgetting The Pill makes “personal reminder products.” Choose from a wide selection including pill cases with alarms, watches that vibrate at pill time, and specialty pill dispensers. Spanish Available.

    Radiation and chemo fatigue is exhausting. Sleeping and resting on well formed, cushioning, comfy pillows can help. Relax The Back has a great selection including memory foam pillows, wedges, and pillows for full body support.

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