Chemo & Radiation Skincare

Three important steps for caring for your skin are wash, moisturize, and protect. Today there are products designed specifically for chemo and radiation sensitive skin. Before using any skin care products, check with your oncologist and/or radiologist. There may be some restrictions on use.

    Alra’s cancer skin care line includes therapy lotion that provides calming relief to irritated, dry, itchy skin from radiation and chemotherapy, mild conditioning shampoo-ideal for newly growing hair, and non-metallic deodorant.

    A comprehensive collection of skin care products specifically designed to alleviate the skin-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

    CV Skinlabs’ products provide “beauty and safety without compromise.” Calming Moisture Lotion, Skin Balm, Body Repair Lotion, and more are ideal for chemo and radiation sensitive and irritated skin.

    Skin care products made from pure organic botanicals including moisturizers, body wash, lip balm, and fragrance-free hand and body lotion. You can even shop by skin type and sensitivity.

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