Wrapped In Love

Wrapped in Love was inspired by my mom when she was in the hospital before she passed away.  It was Christmas Eve and she said she didn’t want to have any more visitors as she felt she looked too bad in her state of illness.  I felt helpless.  I decided to go home and make... Read More »
Veronica Brett Swimwear

In The Swim: Mastectomy Style

The first sign of summer following my double mastectomy filled me with dread. As happy as I was to say goodbye to winter snow, the thought of mastectomy swimwear made my blood run cold. I had just gotten used to wearing a mastectomy bra and breast forms and now I had to confront a new... Read More »
Soft Pants

Abdominal Surgery: Coming Home Is Swell

One of the side effects many women are unprepared for following abdominal surgery is swelling. The degree of swelling involved often depends on the type of surgery. Be sure to ask your doctor prior to surgery what you should expect in terms of incisions, swelling, and other possible side effects. Dress For Discharge Success: Prior... Read More »
Sports Bra

Sports Bra Specifics – Mastectomy Style

Spring is in the air and it will soon be time to pack-up your heavy coat and head outdoors in comfy yoga pants, a tee-shirt and hoodie and a mastectomy sports bra. Yes, I did say the word sports bra. Even though fatigue from chemotherapy and radiation can be overwhelming, an important part of recovery... Read More »
Full Figured and Fabulous

Full Figured & Fabulous (Thanks to Chemo)

A chemotherapy myth that I have personally debunked is that cancer treatment makes you loose weight. For certain types of cancers & treatments this is true, but I’d like to "weigh in" on my experience with chemo to treat breast cancer. When I began my chemotherapy , I stepped on the scale at a reasonable... Read More »

"Un" Robed

Robes are the unsung heros of our closets. From hard working terry cloth (post shower, bath or swim) to velour, flannel, cotton, fleece and even cashmere to keep us cozy, covered and warm. Today, the fabric and style options are endless. To "un" robe the mystery of finding the perfect robe following surgery or during... Read More »