Cancer Recovery “Life & Style” Survey

This summer Cancer Be Glammed and Wrapped in Love created a survey to get at the heart of the recovery experience for women. Women coping with all forms of cancer. While many surveys exist about the medical and healthcare challenges of cancer, very few have focussed on identifying the lifestyle and appearance-related needs of women struggling with body-image and self-esteem issues from surgery and treatment. These include disfigurement, hair loss, limited mobility, weight changes, skin and nail problems and intimacy issues.

The purpose of the Cancer Recovery “Life & Style” Survey is three-fold. One–to better understand and serve the women in our cancer communities; two–to provide valuable, lifestyle recovery information to oncology doctors, nurses, navigators and social workers who provide psychosocial support for their patients, and finally to advocate for inclusion and visibility for women with cancer in the worlds of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Here is our press release and infographic. More to come in the following weeks!

Many thanks to all of the women who shared their insights and personal experiences to help other women recover as “people not patients.”

Press Release

Beauty Behind the Beast: Cancer “Life and Style” Survey Reveals How Body Image and Self-Esteem Impacts Recovery For Women

82% of women rank support for appearance-related challenges and lifestyle issues as essential to their recovery

There are over 8 million women in the United States who have received life-altering cancer diagnoses and are currently undergoing treatment or in survivorship, according to data from the American Cancer Society. Cancer Be Glammed® and Wrapped in Love®, two companies born out of personal experiences with cancer, conducted a unique survey to identify the impact of emotional and lifestyle challenges women face from the physical traumas of surgery and treatment. The medical community refers to these as the psychosocial effects of cancer and they can wreak havoc on a woman’s sense of self, body-acceptance, and self-esteem.