Holiday Gift Ideas Makes It Easy To Find Perfect Holiday Gifts For Women In Treatment or Recovery

Holiday gift-giving can be stressful at the best of times. Finding just the “right” gift can be even more challenging when shopping for a woman battling the side effects of cancer treatment or any chronic illness. To make gift giving for that special woman easier, and just in time for Cyber Monday, shares its “Top 10 Holiday Finds.”

  • “Hot Flash” Pajamas and Nightgowns: Made from wicking fabric to draw moisture away from the skin, they keep a woman cool during chemotherapy-induced hot flashes, night sweats and menopause
  • Bed Lounge: Provides comfortable back and arm support; perfect for reading, daydreaming and dozing
  • Pashminas and Wraps: A glam alternative to sweaters; choose great fabrics and colors to add style to any outfit
  • Scarves: In soft and luxurious materials like silk or Italian wool. To turn any scarf into a head covering, choose one that’s square and is at least 35″ X 35″

Sun Protective Clothing: Especially important for skin made ultra-sensitive from radiation and chemotherapy. Products such as hats, wraps and exercise jackets infused with UPF 50+, allow for year-round “fun in the sun”

  • Teas and Accessories: Tea is a natural way to combat treatment side effects like nausea. Ginger tea is a stomach soother, while mint and lemon ease the metallic taste from chemotherapy. For convenience, try an electric kettle
  • Fashionable Tote Bag: Great for chemotherapy. Stock with “goodies” like a soft pillow and blanket, lip balm, music and other welcome distractions
  • Organizer/Day Planner: Helps keep disorganized “chemo brain” under control. Some day planners are designed specifically for moms to keep track of family activities
  • Kindle: Lightweight and portable, this e-reader is an ideal cure for the hospital or waiting room “blues”
  • Eye Catching Earrings and Jewelry: Jewelry adds personal style and glam, and one size fits all.

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