Effortless Chic

"Effortless Chic," is a phrase that I never heard bantered about during my cancer recovery. While coping with fatigue from surgery or treatment–walking from the bed to the bathroom, or even reaching for that all-important remote, was effort enough!

While it was tempting to never leave my new best friends, (my bed and my couch) that was impossible as family events, medical appointments, and day-to-day life intruded. As I sat in waiting rooms thumbing well-worn magazines, I stared at countless photos of women looking cool and styled, under the words–Effortless Chic.

Now while I sat there with my haggard, bald self, I couldn’t really relate to the women with their coiffed hair, tight tank tops and leather jackets, but I could relate to the concept of Effortless Chic. Not just relate but leap to embrace it! (Ok, so more like a small jump.)

Effortless Chic is a style concept that is perfect for women coping with cancer treatment and recovery. It embraces two concepts we need and love. Looking better with little effort, and that starts with great accessories. Here are CBG’s top six suggestions to easily add color, style, and yes, chic, to your wardrobe.

  • Jewelry (never goes out of style & one size fits all!)
  • Fashion Scarves (experiment with fabrics & tying techniques)
  • Head coverings–great headscarves, hats, and headbands (variety is key)
  • Pashmina, Lightweight glam sweater or Cape (casual or dressy)
  • Handbags & Totes (be bold with colors & styles)
  • Eyewear (colorful, stylish reading glasses, glam sunglasses & designer eyewear)

About the Author

Hi, my name is Lisa Lurie, Co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed. Cancer Be Glammed was born from my own struggle to hang onto my confidence & self-esteem following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am passionate about providing women (with all forms of cancer) with easy access to great recovery products, style options and solutions. I found that looking better on the outside, helped me feel better on the inside.